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Gervais Plumbing is in essence and experience one of the most qualified plumbers utilizing the highest quality plumbing products for every project. Gervais Plumbing is a specializing in plumbing system design and commercial plumbing system installation and routine repairs. Call Gervais Plumbing if you need the best plumbers in Worcester County, Massachusetts (MA): Leominster MA, Fitcburg MA, Shrewsbury MA, Milford MA, Gardner MA, Westborough MA, Grafton MA, Holden MA, Holden MA, Southbridge MA, Webster MA, Auburn MA, Northbridge, Northborough MA, Clinton MA, Uxbridge, Charlton, Spencer, Athol, Dudley, Leicester MA, Southborough MA, Blackstone, Winchendon, Lunenburg, Sturbridge, Sutton, Douglas, Lancaster, Templeton, Rutland MA, Sterling, West Boylston, Upton MA, Westminster, Harvard MA, Ashburnham, Hopedale, Mendon, Barre, Warren MA, Bolton, Paxton, North Brookfield, Hubbardston, Boylston MA, West Brookfield MA, Princeton, Brookfield, Millville, Hardwick, Berlin MA, East Brookfield, Oakham, Marlboro MA, Hopkinton and many other fine communities throughout Worcester County and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Gervais Plumbing & Heating pride themselves on being the best commercial plumbing contractors in Boston, Massachusetts: The North Shore and South Shore of Massachusetts including but not limited to Boston MA, Lowell, Cambridge, Brockton, Quincy, LYnn, Fall River, New Bedford MA, Framingham, Waltham, Malden, Brookline MA, Medford, Revere, Attleboro, Arlington, Everett MA, Salem, Beverly, Middlesex County, Norfolk County and many other areas. Call Gervais Plumbing & Heating for a free consultation and free estimate on new plumbing system installation as well as heating and air conditioning system installation and repair services in Central Massachusetts and Eastern Massachusetts near the Boston Metropolitan area. We do business with builders for new construction plumbing system design/construction.
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Gervais Plumbing is one of the most experienced residential and commercial plumbers in Worcester County, Massachusetts (MA): Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Essex County and serves the North Shore and South Shore areas with pride.

Gervais Plumbing has a large service fleet and can typically provide same day service calls as well as 24 hour emergency plumbing repair calls for our valued customers. 

Gervais Plumbing can handle any job, large or small, whether a leaky pipe needs to be fixed, replacement of sinks, faucets, toilets or complete construction of a plumbing system for residential or large commercial property, Gervais' plumbers have over 150 years of combined experience to complete any new plumbing system installation or repair.

Gervais Plumbing offers the most affordable rates to dispatch a licensed plumber to your residential home or commercial business whether a restaurant, office building, retail store, factory, mall or municipal building for complete plumbing installation and repair. 

For over a decade, Gervais Plumbing has been building a reputation as one of the most fair dealing plumbers in Worcester County, Massachusetts and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You can trust Gervais Plumbing as we treat each and every customer as if they are the only customer and perform every plumbing task with the utmost care and respect for the home or commercial building plumbing system and the property we come in contact with. Every plumber is licensed and CORI checked.

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  • Tub & Shower Plumbing Install/Repair
  • Complete Plumbing System Replacement
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  • Hot Tub Installation / Repair Service
  • Commercial Plumbing Construction
  • Water Jetting for Clogged Lines
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